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Voyage of Discovery

Malay Heritage Centre
Sirri na Pesse Exhibition Activity Kit

Bugis: Not just a place in Singapore.

Who or what does it mean to be a Bugis?
That was what the Malay Heritage Centre wanted to its young visitors and students to discover and explore. By picking up a vintage luggage-inspired activity kit belonging to Laila's Atok (grandfather in Malay), kids are introduced to the various themes of family, identity, beliefs as well as some of the key artefacts featured in the exhibition. There's even a discovery viewfinder in there for kids to make and use while exploring the space. Both English and Malay versions of the activity kit were designed to help students and Malay-speaking visitors understand the exhibition in a fun and coherent way.


Sirri na Pesse: Navigating Bugis Identities in Singapore is a co-created exhibition by the Malay Heritage Centre and the local Bugis community. The rich history of how they came to Singapore were represented beautifully in an exhibition space inspired by the Palari, a wooden boat built and used by the Bugis in the past and the wooden houses they stayed in. 

The exhibition runs from 14 October 2017 to 24 June 2018 and is situated in the heart of Istana Kampong Gelam.

Meet Laila!

Laila's a spunky inquisitive girl who is featured in the Sirri na Pesse activity kit, taking young and old visitors through the main exhibits with thoughtful questions that help highlight them and make the extensive exhibition more personal and reflective.