Welcome to In Merry Motion

Entrance Illustration

Enter all Ye Merry People

Two good friends who met during their design days in university set out to open their own craft and experience design studio: In Merry Motion. To inaugurate their very own studio space, I put together an entrance illustration that embodied the joyful spirit, ever-tinkering fingers and passion for crafting. We took inspiration from the tools and materials used in their work, giving also a sense of rhythm and boundless energy that was in them when they approach their creative work.


The entrance was to be inviting as well as pique the curiosity of corridor bypassers. When closed, it was a mural of what In Merry Motion was capable of: Curating atmospheres, crafting celebrations, hosting craft parties and designing celebrations. You know, the works! When the doors were open, it was a lovely greeting that welcomed their clients in.
It has been an awesome experience seeing the entrance illustrations up and running!