Alpha to Omega

Rebranding, Logo Design, Collateral Design

A Unique School from the Start


We’ve refreshed their logo and branding collateral to reflect their world-class curriculum, unique approach and everest-like belief in supporting developmental breakthroughs in the children they nurture.

It has been a privilege to serve and continue to service Alpha to Omega and support them in their vision that every child is deserving of a chance to grow to their fullest potential.

Visit their website for more information on their new learning centre and programme in Singapore.

Alpha to Omega believes in the potential of each human life.

Typecasting or generalizing often occurs for children with learning differences. Instead, Alpha to Omega's team offers a welcoming and affirming environment where well-planned content is strategically customized and progress is continually monitored and refined. Each student is loved and cherished as an individual with particular needs and unique gifts. Lalitha Ramanujan established in Chennai (India) for the past 25 years, Alpha to Omega has shown that their students are defined, not by their learning challenges, but by their character, their accomplishments and their dreams with particular needs and unique gifts.